Ubisoft Leamington – Overview


I joined Ubisoft Leamington in 2017, enabling me to have unique the privilege of working in a small, intimate studio (fewer than 50 people at the time) on a huge AAA title – Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

In general my role at Ubisoft, when working on an open world, consists of:

  • Researching locations to find suitable places for activities and collectables based on the location’s unique appeal, gameplay potential and technical constraints
  • Collating information into design documentation, presenting to leads and directors for approval
  • Whiteboxing layouts for activity locations, adhering to design guidelines and working with environment artists to ensure the design intentions do not contradict art direction
  • Setting up the logic of activities, including scripting side missions (spawning enemies, updating objectives and checkpoints, triggering VO and other sequences, etc)
  • Iterating on all content to adapt to changing requirements and director feedback
  • Working with environment artists, technical artists, technical level designers and narrative designers (often situated in other studios worldwide) to ensure all content runs smoothly, adheres to art direction, and makes sense in terms of narrative and world logic
  • Maintaining communication with other studios to ensure we are aligned with direction and keeping the quality up to standard
  • Maintaining the health of my content, including bugfixing and polish