Week 4 – Graduation

A small update for a small game. I was busy pretty much all week so threw this together in two hours on Sunday; guess the reason why after giving it a download and play.

Yep, I graduated this week so I was super busy with that and entertaining my family who came to visit. So I used that as the theme and tried to think of the most lightweight idea possible so I could still make a game without having to stress about keeping up with it all week. And this is the result!

It’s pretty simple so I won’t talk about it too much. Suffice it to say it’s another good use of the object pooler I wrote in the first week. You might also notice that the cursor is just a palette swap from last week. And that’s about all there is to it.

The main point is, I didn’t break my streak! And that’s my first month of Game a Week done. Hooray!

One sidenote, I was tempted to offer a Queen’s University Belfast option for the game, which would just be 30 seconds of nothing, as at Queen’s for some reason we do not get to wear mortarboards. But I thought that reference required too much explanation, so never mind.

Congratulations to all of my classmates who graduated with me, and thanks Queen’s for a valuable and memorable 4 years of study.