Tt Games – Overview

For a video showing off Sonic’s adventure world and explaining my role in its creation, please visit this page.


Working in design at Tt from 2015-2017, I had the privilege of working on a large variety of notable IPs across four separate projects. I have summarised my role on each project below, but broadly speaking, and depending on the project’s stage of development, my role consisted of:

  • Implementing events and incidental gameplay myself using Tt’s in-house level editor and scripting languages
  • Designing each event (puzzles, quests, races, minigames) and collecting all the information into a concise but complete hub design document
  • Creating a blockout of an entire hub using SketchUp
  • Working with other departments to ensure that their created assets meet the requirements of both the design and the license-holder
  • Researching an IP, identifying key moments/set pieces/concepts that can be referenced or adapted into gameplay
  • Training new team members on both design principles and use of the tools, and maintaining the documentation wiki
  • Reviewing the work of junior team members
  • Fixing bugs, implementing feedback and maintaining old hubs as issues are identified through the development cycle


LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2
Released November 2017

LMSH2 continues the story of the first LEGO Marvel Super Heroes game, including an whole new cast of characters and a new hub to explore; Chronopolis – a mishmash of various places and times, created by Kang the Conqueror.

I joined this project a little later, after the initial design phase, so my role was focused on the implementation of quests in the hub. I was responsible for splitting the workload between members of the team and reviewing their quests, ensuring the quality was consistent throughout, as well as implementing several of my own quests across the hub.

LEGO Dimensions Year 2
Released September 2016

Dimensions Year 2 encompasses a whole game’s worth of content, with new features and mechanics introduced with the release of a new range of packs based on a whole new set of licenses.

Being on the project at an earlier stage gave me the opportunity to design hubs from scratch, meaning that for the Mission: Impossible and Sonic worlds I had a much greater input than before – for these hubs I chose the locations and characters that featured, wrote the first draft of the dialog, and worked closely with the art department to ensure the hubs were functional for both gameplay and aesthetic purposes. As with previous projects, I also implemented the majority of the gameplay in these hubs, additionally directing tech artists who produced some of the more complex events. In order to fit the tight schedule, I also worked on implementing some hubs that were designed by other designers.

I designed and implemented the Mission: Impossible and Sonic worlds.
I implemented the LEGO City Undercover and Beetlejuice worlds.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers
Released January 2016

The follow-up to 2013’s LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Avengers revisited the Manhattan hub from the first game as well as having six new, smaller hubs to explore. I was largely responsible for Manhattan, having ownership of five of its eight districts. Once again the environment art for the hub had been largely completed by the time I joined the project, and I had to work within the limitations of the already-existing assets, taking special care to emphasise the new mechanics and provide distinct gameplay experiences to help differentiate the game from its prequel.

In addition to the usual free-roam events, I conceived and implemented the museum in the Avengers Tower interior, which fills the room with various recognisable props and characters as the player completes events throughout all of the game’s hubs.

LEGO Dimensions
Released September 2015

The first game I worked on at Tt as a designer, I was given ownership of several hubs, tasked with designing and implementing the events in each. The majority of the environment art and quest dialog were very far along by the time I joined the project, so I had to work within the constraints these presented.

I primarily worked on The Simpsons, Scooby Doo, The Wizard of Oz, and Midway Arcade worlds.