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Week 2 – Flappy Infinite Jetpack Bird

(Due to variable window/screen sizes, gauge on the left may be cut off, sorry. Also, this one’s a bit more resource-intensive than the first. There will probably be a short delay after firing the cannon. Also a quirk of being in the web player, things will get a bit funky if you resize the window.)

So as you can see above, I completed my second week of Game a Week! The development of this one was completely different form the first week, so I’ll go over that in a moment, but first I’ll break down the basic gameplay:

  • Aim the cannon with the two arrow buttons
  • Start the firing sequence by clicking the Fire button once, this’ll make the power gauge on the left bounce up and down – the fuller it is, the more force will be used in the ensuing blast
  • Click the Fire button a second time to fire the bird out of the cannon
  • Once she’s out, just click anywhere on screen to use the jetpack. The fuel gauge on the bottom of the screen will show you how much is left in the tank. Once the jetpack runs out of fuel, it’ll fly off
  • Get extra fuel by flying through green rings
  • Get a speed boost by flying through orange rings
  • Get some extra points by flying through yellow rings
  • Try to fly as far as possible!

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